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The use case „Short Distance Traffic“ focusses on automated load and unload of freight including automated manoeuvring and automated driving on company premises, seaports and airports including local public secondary road nets. In this case, automated hand over processes, e.g. at the entrance gate of a company, as well as fully automated docking solutions will be investigated. Automated loading and unloading may consider side or rear loading automation approaches. Regarding rear loading stationary or mobile ramps will be used, whereas for side loading forklift trucks will be considered with in this use case. Alternatively, container trailers will be analysed in this use case regarding load and unload of freight, automated manoeuvring with all relevant vehicles (trucks with semitrailer container trailer, forklift trucks and transporter) on company premises or second level roadnets.

The use case „Long Distance Traffic“ focusses on truck platooning related to freight transport on long distances. This use case comprises aspects such as: (i) automated driving of a truck from the freight transfer point onto the highway; (ii) docking to a platoon; (iii) automated driving on the highway including “on the fly” docking of trucks; (iv) automated release from a platoon, (v) and automated driving of a truck to the next relevant transfer point. Furthermore, the use case relates to “Short Distance Traffic” with respect to automated freight handling on company sites.

The use case “City Logistics” considers automated driving in urban environments taken into account the specific tasks and challenges in such areas. Typical requirements are automated delivery services including automated transporters or shuttles, which deliver freight directly to a customer or authorized person (at parcel stations or even the trunk of a car). Furthermore, the use case contains municipal services like automated winter service or the clearance of public and private sidewalks, the automated cleaning of sidewalks and automated green cuttings including the refuel of the vehicles, the automated refill with de-icing materials and emptying of the vehicle transport containers.